Sketchup Tutorials

Here’s a collection of Sketchup tutorials on I try to explain every step in each tutorial so that it’s easy to follow along, even if you’ve never used SketchUp before. If this is your first time creating a model in Sketchup, try modeling a table or a vase.

Getting Started With Sketchup 10 tips every Sketchup modeler should know
Sketchup Tutorial - How to Draw a TableSketchup Tutorial - How to draw a Vase
Sketchup groups and the outlinerSketchup Layers vs. Groups & Components
Sketchup keyboard ShortcutsExpert Tips from Sketchup 3D Basecamp 2014
Everything you need to know about SketchUp 201410 Tricks for the Move Tool in SketchUp
Rotating Objects in SketchUp8 Tips for Scaling in SketchUp
7 Tips for SketchUp MaterialsUsing Guides in SketchUp
Sketchup Styles for PerformanceSoft, Smooth, and Hidden edges
Soften/Smooth Selection Configure your Sketchup Workspace
How to create a floor planHow to model any IKEA furniture in Sketchup
How to draw a house in SketchupSketchup Inference System
Sketchup symmetry with componentsSketchUp External References
rubikSketchfab Youtube for 3D models
Color By Layer For Alternative Material AssignmentsSaving Section Cuts to Scenes in SketchUp
Add Logos to your SketchUp Workspace using WatermarksDouble your speed in SketchUp with keyboard shortcuts
Common Sketchup Style MisconceptionsMigrating plugins, materials, components and other settings to SketchUp 2015
Everything you need to know about SketchUp 2015SketchUp Rotated Rectangle Tutorial (New tool in SketchUp 2015)

LayOut Tutorials

LayOut is a program included with SketchUp Pro. It takes your 3D model, and helps you create 2D presentations with it. Here are some of the tutorials I’ve created specifically for LayOut.

Quick Document Creation in LayOutSketchup to Layout
LayOut Pattern Fill and Hatching3 LayOut Tips I Forgot to Mention in the Webinar
8 Tips for Creating Dimensions in LayOutPulling data into LayOut from your SketchUp model using Dynamic Components & Labels

3D Printing Articles and Tutorials

3D printing has become very popular with the large increase in desktop 3D printers. They allow you to take a digital 3D model, and literally print out a 3D object in plastic and other materials. You can buy your own printer, or use a third party printing service to have them print your model for you.

What is 3D printing8 tips for 3D printing
Design Considerations for 3D PrintingBest 3D Printing Plugins for SketchUp
create a custom 3D printed bracketWorking with STL Files in SketchUp for 3D Printing

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