Sketchup Tutorials

Here’s a collection of Sketchup tutorials on I try to explain everything in each tutorial so that it’s easy to follow along, even if you’ve never done 3D modeling before. If this is your first time creating a model in Sketchup, try modeling a table or a vase.

Getting Started With Sketchup
Download Sketchup
10 tips every Sketchup modeler should know
Sketchup Tutorial - How to Draw a Table
Sketchup Tutorial - How to draw a Vase

How to model any IKEA furniture in Sketchup
Sketchup groups and the outliner
Sketchup keyboard Shortcuts
Soft, Smooth, and Hidden edges
Sketchup Preconfigured Toolbars
Sketchup Styles for Performance
Sketchup symmetry with components
 Configure your Sketchup Workspace
How to draw Casings
Install the STL Exporter

How to create a floor plan
How to draw a house in Sketchup
Sketchup to Layout
Sketchup Inference System

3D Printing Articles and Tutorials

3D printing has become very popular with the large increase in desktop 3D printers. They allow you to take a digital 3D model, and literally print out a 3D object in plastic and other materials. You can buy your own printer, or use a third party printing service to have them print your model for you.

8 tips for 3D printing
What is 3D printing
Solar Sinter 3D Printer
3D Printer services
create a custom 3D printed bracket

News, Tips, Tricks, Interviews & More

Sometimes I try out plugins and tools that help my workflow in Sketchup. Here are a few things I’ve tried out, along with some interviews with other Sketchup users, news, and tips.

Google sold Sketchup
Why Trimble will Master Sketchup
Sketchup 3d Basecamp 2012
Sketchfab Youtube for 3D models
history of Sketchup
sharing you Sketchup Models
Share your 2D Sketchup Model
Interview with Gary Katz
Interview with Matt Jackson

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