Sketchup Tutorial Videos

Below is a collection of all of my YouTube videos. You’ll notice many of these videos embedded into a related blog post on this site. But I thought it would be nice to put them all together in one spot to make it easier for people to browse. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you will always know when I upload a new video.

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6 Responses to Sketchup Tutorial Videos

  1. Oumhani says:

    I found your videos through YouTube, they are really helpfull. Thanks

  2. Tony says:

    Why was the ability of download a cad file taken out of Sketchup 8?

  3. Matt- Thanks for your great videos, your straightforward approach to SU and organized concise videos were just what I needed to finally have that “lightbulb” moment with SU. I am a former AutoCad user and Chief Architect user and at this point would not even bother opening up either of those programs. Can you elaborate more on Door and Window openings soon?

    • Matt Donley says:

      One thing Chief Architect does really well is doors and windows. It will automatically create your rough opening in the wall (meaning the header, jack studs, etc) no matter where you place the door or window in the wall. In Sketchup, you have to do that stuff manually. But maybe someone will create a plugin for that?? Thanks for the support, I’m so glad to hear that I made it “click” for you! I see you’re into Solar, have you heard of the Skelion Plugin for Sketchup?

  4. maria says:

    thanks a lot for your helpful sketch up videos.

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