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I’m always adding more articles and tutorials to my site, but realize that I can’t possibly cover everything there is to know about SketchUp here. These are some additional resources I recommend checking out to help you learn SketchUp.

SketchUp to LayOut Book

I realized there was a huge lack of information on how to create a model for LayOut and produce a set of construction drawings, so I wrote a book! If you’re in the construction industry, whether you’re an architect, woodworker, carpenter, kitchen designer, or other type of designer, check out my book, SketchUp to LayOut. I even created a bonus professional package that includes a ton of extra material and special offers. The book has been updated for SketchUp Pro 2014. Go to to purchase and get an instant download of the book.

SketchUp to LayOut book



This is the official Trimble Sketchup website, and the link goes to their “learning hub”, where they have a number of different resources there for you to learn Sketchup. If you’re brand new to Sketchup, I’d definitely watch the few videos on that page, then check out their link to more video training to dig deeper.

Sketchup Artists

I love this site because they continue to push the limit on what you can do with Sketchup. I quick browse on this site and it’s obvious that these folks are professional and they are certainly Sketchup experts. They have plenty of tutorials that cover advanced techniques for using Sketchup, and also tips on using external programs such as Photoshop to refine your Sketchup models. Even if you are a Sketchup novice, you will strengthen your motivation to learn more about Sketchup because the examples on their site are truly inspiring.

Timber Tailor @ Fine Homebuilding

If you are a carpenter like me, you will absolutely love the “Digital Job Site” at the Fine Homebuilding website hosted by Matt Jackson, aka The Timber Tailor. When you read the slogan, “Where the boards are straight, the weather’s great, and there really is a board stretcher”, you’ll know you’re in good company. You’ll notice there haven’t been too many updates in a while, but there are still some great tutorials on there. What I really like about the Fine Homebuilding Digital Job Site blog is it takes Sketchup and looks at it from the perspective of a problem solver, not just a 3D model maker. You’ll find many articles that look at common construction problems that can easily be addressed in Sketchup.

Sketchup for Woodworkers

Rob Cameron’s understanding of how woodworkers and carpenters think really shows when you watch his videos. He has figured out a way to teach people how to use Sketchup by jumping right in and modeling something. He has helped many people Sketchup a second chance who had previously gotten frustrated and gave up. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have the patience to sit through long and boring tutorials, give Sketchup for woodworkers a try, it just might be what you need to grasp the essential concepts of Sketchup.

Harwood Sketchup Podcast

The “Sketchup: A 3D toolbar” podcast is hosted by Cameron Harris and has hours and hours of video tutorials for Sketchup. His tutorials are in depth and cover a wide range of topics.


Sketchucation Forum

This is the best forum and the most helpful community of Sketchup fanatics online. With 100,000′s of posts, you can bet there’s an answer to any question you have about Sketchup. It is a very active forum which you’ll find people will respond to posts within hours, sometimes within minutes. It’s truly incredible the amount of help you can receive from this community at the Sketchucation forum.



Here is the official Sketchup extension warehouse. This should be the first place you look for plugins for Sketchup. With Sketchup 2013, you can even install the plugins directly from Sketchup, making easier than ever to install and manage plugins.

Jim's Sketchup Blog

Jim is a Sketchup genius who develops plugins and offers them to the world for free. Check out his plugin page to download them. He updates his blog every once and a while when he’s got an update or a new plugin being released. It’s definately a page worth checking out. plugins for Sketchup

While they do sell premium plugins, they also offer many of their plugins for free. And most of the plugins they do sell are very affordable. Although I haven’t tried all of their plugins, the ones I have tried worked very well.

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