MSP 004 : 10 ways to communicate your Sketchup models

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Sketchup, at its core, is a communication tool. It provides us a way to visualize our ideas and thoughts so we can analyze them ourselves, or share them with other people. In this episode, I discuss 10 ways you can share your model with other people.

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In this Episode

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I work in the commercial construction industry, and I use Sketchup all the time to help me visualize tricky details on jobs we work on.

Many times, I like to include some form of my model in a correspondence to the architect or contractor, so they understand exactly what we intend to build.

Most of the time, I can’t just send them my Sketchup file and say “Here’s what we’re going to do…” I’ve got to do some work and prepare the file as a 2D presentation, turn it into a PDF, or do a screenshare with the project manager to discuss the detail. I’ve used many different methods of sharing my Sketchup model and in this podcast episode I go over 10 different ways you can do just that.

In this episode you’ll learn about

  • The 3D warehouse
  • The Sketchup viewer program.
  • Exporting your model as a 2D image
  • Exporting your model as a 2D PDF.
  • Screen sharing your 3D model.
  • Render your model to create photorealistic images.
  • Collaborate with other project team members with
  • Using Sketchup Pro & Layout
  • Share your 3D models on the web with Sketchfab
  • Explore your models using augmented reality
  • Let people explore your model with LumenRT’s LiveCube.

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