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In the 2nd episode of the MasterSketchup podcast, I’ll be interviewing Alexander Schreyer, best selling author of the book Architectural Design with Sketchup. I had the chance to meet up with Alex at the 2012 3D Basecamp conference, and I’m honored to have him on as the first guest to the MasterSketchup podcast.

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In this Episode

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Alex is a CAD/BIM expert, and a lecturer at the University of Massachusetts. I wanted to talk with him about his new book and how Sketchup fits into the architecture and construction industry.

He is also an experienced Ruby programmer. He tells us how you can use Ruby in Sketchup to create simple scripts to design things otherwise impossible if attempted to do manually.

Aidan Chopra from Sketchup recently posted a review of Alex’s book on the Official Sketchup Blog.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • BIM Modeling
  • Sketchup in Architecture and Construction
  • Ruby Programming for design
  • Best Selling Book Architectural Design with Sketchup, Component-based modeling, plugins, rendering, and scripting.
  • Alex’s best tips for beginners with Sketchup.

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Buy the book now at Barnes & Noble 

If you’d like to support MasterSketchup, you can use my affiliate link below to purchase the book through Barnes & Noble at no additional cost to you. I’ll get a small commission for each sale. If you don’t want to use my affiliate link, or would just prefer to purchase through Amazon, you can find the book on the Amazon website too.

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Matt has been creating SketchUp tutorials since 2012. After writing the book SketchUp to LayOut, he conducted the "Intro to LayOut" seminar at the official SketchUp conference in Colorado. Matt writes about how to use SketchUp for design, construction and 3D printing.

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  1. DiEdra (DiDi)

    Hey Matt!
    This podcast was awesome.
    Very helpful & generous.
    Went straight to Alex’s website to see the goodies he offers.
    Thanks, Matt. You rock!

  2. Duane Kemp

    Looking forward to seeing how the “little snippets” of lines produces something cool! Thanks for the post. You were well prepared and greatly allowed Alexander the room to communicate and express himself. Bravo.

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