About Bizfound

Bizfound, LLC

Bizfound, LLC is the name of the company I created for all my internet adventures. I had actually started doing business online as a web designer. It had started out as a hobby but eventually I began doing websites for local contractors that I had worked with. (I was a carpenter at the time, so I would meet a lot of tradesmen who didn’t know much about creating a website.) So they hired me to do it in my spare time.

After a couple of websites, I needed to create a business name to operate under. So that’s when Bizfound was created. But as I moved away from doing web design for other people I began to use Bizfound to run my own online projects. So it’s not some big company I’m hiding behind, it’s just me! I’m just trying to keep everything on the “up and up” so to speak. If you have any questions about Bizfound, you can email me at Matt@Bizfound.com

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